Funnel Arch Rappelling Tour (1/2 Day)


Embrace your inner Spider-Man with this 4-5 hour hiking and rappelling tour. This journey will engage all four limbs as you hike up ancient dunes and try a little roped scurrying across and down rock faces. The pinnacle of the tour will take you to Funnel Arch, a secret tucked away in the desert and hidden from the well-worn paths. With a little courage, this adventure pays off with a little bit of sweat and a connection with the desert.

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The desert wilderness offers more than just a vision. It’s meant to be experienced with your hands. That’s precisely what the Funnel Arch Repelling Tour offers–a hands-on introduction to the rock faces and adventure of the Moab desert. Not for the faint of heart but safe and doable for those wanting to wet their climbing whistle, this is a great choice for those looking to step a little beyond the casual hike or ride.

This hike will showcase many of the rock formations and petroglyphs characteristic of the area, and will ultimately lead to Funnel Arch. A less well-known spot, Funnel arch is a favorite of locals. Once you’ve scrambled up to the arch, your jaw will drop as you take in the view of the sandstone fins that stretch for miles, catch a glimpse of the Colorado river far below, and the impressive cliffs of Kane Creek Canyon. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can rope up for a free-hanging drop off the top of the arch. And since Funnel Arch is west-facing, this is a particularly great spot to hit near sunset.

You’ll remember it for:

  • Scrambling up sandstone fins
  • Amazing vistas into the Behind the Rocks Wilderness
  • Rappelling off a 70 foot arch

Who should go:

  • Anyone looking for a hands-on desert adventure.

Trip Details:

  • 3 people minimum, per tour

Remembering to bring:

  • Hiking boots/tennis shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Camera