Canyoneering Tours

Rappelling • Arches • Slot Canyons • Underground Systems

The crossroads of popular and secluded.

Canyoneering Tours are ones that excite us the most. The drainages of the desert make for an otherworldly experience. In other words, it feels like another world. In addition to playing in nature’s “play-place™” you’ll rope up for some belay assisted rappelling or rappel through a number of arches.

Sure, you could get there on your own easily enough. But do you know how much water is in the canyon? Do you have all the proper safety equipment? Are you sure that is the right fork? Let us show you some of our favorite secret subway systems of the Colorado Plateau.

Atomic Tours is a professional, insured, certified, and experienced in guiding groups of all sizes, ages and abilities &emdash; on curated experiences through hidden corridors and formations throughout the Moab desert.

  • Taking in the views from Atomic Tours' The Moab Ultimate

    The Ultimate Moab Safari (1/2 Day)


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  • Funnel Arch Rappelling Tour (1/2 Day)


  • Entrajo Canyoneering Tour (1/2 Day)


  • Rock of Ages Canyoneering Tour (3/4 Day)