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This is another kind of place.

Here, the rocks tell stories. The landscape is laden with nuance. Adventures lie in cryptic canyons cut into high plateaus. A place this special and complex deserves a guide service that can help you truly get to know it.

Learn about the native history, the geology of the multi-hued rock cliffs, the waves in the life-giving rivers, the ways of the intrepid wildlife, and the feel of the red trail dust beneath your boots.

Whether you’ve spent your life here or you’re passing through for the first time, the towering cliffs and deep desert mysteries will astonish you with every step, every day.

Exploring this landscape is more than recreation. It’s getting to know a place that’s been special to every generation, for every reason. Maybe you come to photograph pops of wildflower color. Or maybe you’re here to Jeep along a thrilling canyon trail. Maybe you’re slipping into a canyoneering harness for the first time, taking a deep breath, and trusting your guides and the sloping canyon walls to see you through.

Whatever you’re here for, we’re the guides who can show you more than you even knew you could hope for.

Hiring a guide.
Gain a guardian, friend, and comrade in adventure.

Why hire a guide when you could try the research and logistics on your own? Well, you could. But this desert is vast, deep, at times dangerous, and ecologically delicate. This place is harsh on the unprepared—and the unprepared are harsh on the environment.

Here, there’s far more than meets the eye. The Colorado Plateau bears hundreds of miles of geological strata and history.

Tucked into shady slot canyons are the habitations of ancient people, signs of life that draw the past into the present. Without a guide, not only are you gambling against the elements, but you’re letting precious bits of the experience slip by unknown.

When you hire a guide, you’re not only physically safe—you’re also liberated to get a little sand under your fingernails, get a little mud on your boots, and have your heart skip a beat at a photo-worthy spot. By having the right posse, you’re free to be.

Come along for the ride.

Atomic Tours knows every in and out of this landscape. And we tailor the adventure for you.

You didn’t come here for the conventional. You came here to feel something. It’s why we’re here, anyway—we’re in love with this landscape. We revel in it. And because of that, we’ve become experts in every nuance of the place: its history, its rock formations, its ecology, its scents and textures.

We don’t just drive people around and point at landmarks. We dive in with you, accompany you on adventures designed to thrill you a little, yet never scare you a lot. We help you get boots on the ground, get a sense of place.

Maybe you want a little hiking workout or a shot of canyoneering adrenaline. Or perhaps you just envision your family and friends at a pristine lookout at sunset. Our adventures don’t come pre-canned. No. This is about you. And where you’ve come to be.

We can work with families, individuals, groups of friends, wedding parties, and corporate groups. So call us up for your next long weekend with the family, for a group adventure your friends will talk about for years, or for a large group outing that’ll amaze every individual—and bring everyone closer together.

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